Day 338 of 338

Inspiration for today: the final day

So this post should probably be sentimental since it is the last ever, however, it is new years eve, so I have asked my friends to each write a one sentence post.

Friend one, Johnny: So proud of you Tolly for achieving this task you set yourself! I’ve either slept or sat beside you countless times while you’ve tapped away on your laptop figuring out what to write, congratulations you made it!!!

Friend two, Danni: I’ve got $30 what can i buy that’s cool? Happy One Year! So Proud! X

Friend three, James: it’s a special day to skinny dip with my childhood friend. happy dayzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friend four, Me: Happy new year, Day 338 is here! I feel that day 339 is in order…

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Inspiration for today: the end…

As the final day approaches, 338, I feel a sudden sense to write something meaningful. I’ve been thinking about what my last post will say for some time now. I can’t quite believe the day is just around the corner. Today is not the day for me to start the end. I feel as though it’ll actually be quite a sad time! I’ve become very attached to this blog. However, what it represents is nearly finished.

What will fill the void?


Day 336 of 338

Inspiration for today: describing my favourite foods

This time of year seems to be solely about food. Food and wine.

Every where I go, people are in the party spirit and often on holiday from work. The last couple of months have been filled with great company and delicious snacks and meals.

I find myself saying so often, that something is one of my favourite foods. I’ve been thinking, what is actually on my top ten list for food? Here is what I have decided and why (in no particular order).

1. Avocados: I simply cannot get enough of this delicious fruit. On toast, as guacamole or by itself cut in half, sprinkled with salt and pepper. The creamy, delicious taste gets me every time. I love it on toast, with a slice of tomato, sprinkled with salt and pepper.

2. Eggplant: Every time I eat eggplant (aubergine) I am in heaven. Lately I have been eating it cooked on the bbq. I love the way the eggplant goes nearly crispy on the outside and remains caramely on the inside when it is cooked this way – perfection!

3. Cheese: Now I know that cheese is fairly general, but if I had to include here individual cheeses my five favourite foods quota would be exceeded. Goats cheese is my all time favourite, followed very closely by blue cheese, then feta, then manchego. A thin slice of apple, with a slice of manchego will always hit the spot. Buffalo mozzarella with basil, tomato and olive oil is amazing! Melted cheese on anything will send my mouth into a watering fit!

4. Sausages: It is true – I love sausages. Any kind of sausage actually. Of course I love the gourmet, beautifully flavoured herb and meat sausages. A sausage stew always hits the spot, as does sausages with mashed potato and gravy. What I also absolutely love is a plain old sausage on the bbq with tomato sauce. As simple as this is – I just love it. In New Zealand it is really common to get people selling sausages with a piece of bread and tomato sauce – this is usually done outside shopping malls with school sports teams raising money for trips or new equipment. I can’t resist these sausage sizzles! It is always worth the $1!

5. Chocolate: Really, need I say more? Who doesn’t like chocolate. Let me re-phrase this question – what woman doesn’t like chocolate? Over the bbq months of late I have been taking to dipping strawberries in chocolate. What a hit!

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Inspiration for today: the theme for the day has been…

Fitness and beauty! Bottom line is, I’ve been doing a lot of talking today about (a)getting fit and (b) beautifying myself. Now I’m not talking about obsessing over how I look, I have simply decided I want to put a bit more effort into my appearance. I want to spend some more time making my hair look nice, accesorise a bit, or try a new lipstick every now and again!

Day one of this new plan was fairly unsuccessful. I’m on holiday at the beach, so I went for the no fuss look! I did paint my nails, although as soon as I lay down on the sand, bits of sand seemed to stick into my freshly painted toes… it is so hard staying glamorous!

Sitting on the beach, the wind picked up and howled onshore strongly. I achieved the beach tussled look in my hair effortlessly. To think some women would pay to have this done at the hairdresser!

We will see how this glamour-puss lifestyle progresses. Right now I am sitting in shorts and a sweaty singlet after a walk down by the beach. It is raining, so all I really want to do is put on some comfy track pants and a t-shirt…


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Inspiration for today: describing how I feel

You know the story about the rabbit and the turtle? They both set out on a race and the rabbit runs with everything inside of him. He gets a bit cocky, then decides he is so far ahead of the turtle that he can afford to have a nap? Meanwhile, the turtle keeps on going, bit by bit at a time, eventually passing the rabbit who is asleep on the side of the road.

I’m feeling like the rabbit lately. Everything has been go, go, go these last few months. I’ve had hens parties, birthday parties, friends and family visiting from overseas, a new job and a house move in the middle of it all. Now that I am on holiday, I have stopped. I literally feel as though I have laid down and found it hard to move at all. I’ve gotten so into this notion of relaxing that I have in fact, not even blogged for the last four days.

I suddenly woke up this morning realising there was only four more days of this blog challenge left. I couldn’t be like the rabbit and give up now, so close to the end. If I don’t force myself to keep going though, I fear I will wake up and the new year will be here. What a failure it would feel like to give up on my challenge so close to the end. So, here I am, back in action again. Ready, excited, determined to make sure I write for the last four days of the year.

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Inspiration for today: I may have possibly just had one of the best experiences of my life…

… truly.

Day 328 of 338

Inspiration for today: ten

10 more days are left until the end of the year!

Day 327 of 338

Inspiration for today: the opposite

Why is it that I always seem to want the opposite of what I have? For instance, all winter I have been dreaming of summer, looking forward to long, hot days in the sun. This evening however, I was dreaming of being snuggled up on a sofa in the cold. I think what was appealing to me most about this idea was the notion of doing nothing! I also love how when it is horrible outside you can truly relax. Sometimes when it is warm I feel like I should be outside enjoying the day, even if all I want to do is mooch. Winter gives you an excuse to be lazy really…

It also gives you an excuse to eat lots of stodgy, satisfying food! Three days now until my holiday, then it’s lazing around in the sun… doing nothing!

Day 326 of 338

Inspiration for today: the weirdest book ever…

What’s the strangest book you have ever read. I have, nearly, finished reading ‘The Handmaid’s tale’ and I am sure, this is up there with the strangest book I have ever read. It is strangely addictive, but totally weird and disturbing. I both want it to end, but go on forever as I have become addicted to the page turner. Once I’m done, which should be in a day or two I think it is time for another book review as it has been a while. Where to start with such a strange book?

Watch this space…

Day 325 of 338

Inspiration for today: I am back!

Connected again to the world, I am. Internet is on and it feels as though I am back in action!